Dear Participants of the 19th János Szentágothai Multidisciplinary Conference!

Dear Competitors, dear members of the Jury, dear Organizational Team!

It is a privilege and a great honor for me, as one of the founding presidents of the János Szentágothai Scholastic Honorary Society, to express my welcome to all of you on this promising day.

We have to work under challenging circumstance is academia as well – in education, in research and in scholarly cooperation alike. The present conference, the 19th in a series of the János Szentágothai Multidisciplinary Conference is an international one, comprises both the 18th conference that had to be postponed last year and the 19th conference down the line which is the first green conference of its kind: 147 participants have registered for the online conference, out of which only one third have requested the printed version of the conference proceedings! We consider it an important step forward!

The Szentágothai Scholastic Honorary Society was founded at the University of Pécs in 2004 with a purpose of attracting and fostering talented young people to engage in extra-curricular research and cultural activities, forming scholastic networks within the confines of the University of Pécs, but also outside the university. Therefore, more and more effort was invested and attempts were made to make the activities of the Szentágothai Scholastic Honorary Society internationally active and visible.

Today, our Society functions as an accredited EU Talent Point which makes it possible for us to organize and invite international conferences and competitions.

The 19th János Szentágothai Multidisciplinary Conference (shortly JSMC-2021) is a one-day online conference. The organizers had to gather their wits and organizational competences to accommodate all the participants in their respective sections, in which their presentations will be assessed and evaluated with prized in sight.

 In each section the best students with the most successful presentations will be assessed and evaluated by appointed juries and will be conferred first, second and third prizes. All participants will earn a diploma of participation at the end of the conference.

The great number of registered presentations made it necessary to organize the conference in several parallel sessions. Although the fundamental philosophy of the Society is to pursue scientific quests with a transdisciplinary approach, the presentations during the conference will be allocated to sessions according to their main adherence to relevant disciplines, such as session in Engineering Sciences (with 27 participants), Medical Sciences (with 30 participants), Sports Sciences (with 24 participants), History (with 11 participants), and Biology, Health and Pharmacology, Military Sciences, Law and Economics, Pedagogy, Psychology, Natural Sciences and Geography.

On behalf of the Presidency of the Szentágothai Scholastic Honorary Society I wish all participants an enjoyable, interesting and useful session-work. To my great regret, nobody will be in the situation to visit the historic sites, the unique museums, and the amicable cafés and restaurants of the City of Pécs this time. As a compensation for this mishap, I express my hope that the conference will yield positive academic experiences and firm collegiate networks among the participants for a sustainable academic future.

May I thank you all for undertaking this experience, for registering for the conference and supporting the idea of academic cooperation worldwide.

I wish you all a successful conference day!

Prof Dr KOMLÓSI László Imre, one of the Founding Presidents of our Society